The Portico Group

Strategic Marketing Plan for The Portico Group

(Role: strategist/planner) To help The Portico Group - an architectural and exhibit design firm/studio with five principal owners - determine direction, capabilities, services and an overall identity, I developed an annual at-a-glance marketing plan to outline key strategies, goals, and tactical implementation recommendations. The plan served as a guide for my marketing team to set priorities, establish a more formal marketing process with the principals, and map marketing/communications activities to company goals.
University of Washington

Internal Client Guide: Email Marketing Process

(Role: project manager) To help internal clients within the UW Division of Student Affairs build awareness and inspire loyalty and investment in the University from potential future donors, I established a process document and guidelines for developing targeted email marketing campaigns (using the institution-wide software, Convio). This process allowed clients to take ownership over their email marketing, while getting the strategic and technical expertise they needed to move alumni through the donor pipeline for the first time. As a result, these affinity-based alumni are communicating with University program staff and administrators for the first time since their undergraduate experience.
University of Washington

Student Affairs Staff Quarterly Enews

(Role: content strategist/project manager) With the goal of launching a regular touchpoint for the 800+ staff within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Washington, I developed an internal quarterly e-newsletter campaign, wherein each issue tells new stories of the wide range of accomplishments across the division. By providing access to resources and executive leadership, and helping employees connect with each other across the institution, this campaign has successfully addressed the ongoing challenge of creating a cohesive spirit among decentralized staff.
Alliance for Pioneer Square

Trail to Treasure Walking Map

(Role: content strategist/researcher) With the challenge of creating a self-guided tour that tells the stories of the special places and events that shaped the history and growth of the Pioneer Square neighborhood, Seattle's birth place, I researched and wrote content for the Trail to Treasure walking map. The creation of this tour and map led to the development of a larger neighborhood master plan that now includes sidewalk exhibits and wayside signage.

Microsoft Sales Effectiveness Solution Brief

(Role: content strategist) This solution brief is an example document from a project that involved creating business solution marketing materials for Microsoft Sales, including nearly 30 written pieces in the final deliverable. It covered sales guidance for seven global business solution areas. I acted as project editor to manage the work of several colleagues, coordinating with designers and account directors on multiple deadlines with various deliverables, and providing feedback and criticism.
University of Washington

Marketing Plan: UW Parent & Family Weekend

(Role: strategist/project manager) As the lead communications and marketing strategist for this inaugural signature event for the University, I created and directed the all-up marketing plan, including managing content development and paid media strategy, coordinating team members to execute on tactics, and reporting metrics. As a result, we exceeded our registration goal by 500 people, received an overwhelming response of positive feedback, and secured institutional funding to renew the event for at least two more years.
The Portico Group

Content Marketing Strategy: Pearl Harbor Visitor Center Architectural Design

(Role: content strategist) I developed a content marketing strategy to highlight the architectural design features of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center in Hawaii. The Portico Group, an architectural and exhibit design studio, designed the new facility. The strategy informed the creation of an award submittal for the American Institute of Architects Honor Awards program and resulted in an effective template for subsequent proposals for new business and project recognition.
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